MEDA Assessment 1 – Found Footage

Nostalgia can be described as a significant emotional connection which can evoke happiness experienced throughout childhood or past life experiences. My Found footage film aims to capture this nostalgia, using my own personal home videos showcasing when I first found my love for dancing and music. The film acts similarly to that of an origin … Continue reading MEDA Assessment 1 – Found Footage

MEDA102 Abstract Film This week's independent work was to create an abstract short film which is 30 seconds to a minute long. We also had to impose a constraint of some kind. For my short film I decided to focus on simplicity, and I imposed the constraint of only being able to use Black and white. Unfortunately … Continue reading MEDA102 Abstract Film

Project BETA – LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble) At the beginning of the semester i pitched my Digital artefact idea, LenelleRose designs. This project included a redbubble page whereby i would upload photography content on a regular basis, and advertise my products using other social media platforms e.g. Instagram and Facebook. After uploading a number of photography content posts, i found that … Continue reading Project BETA – LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble)

Global Music – Cultural Appropriation

Music is an expressive tool which artists utilise in order to convey certain beliefs, messages, stories and themes. Musicians have been known to express cultural themes within music for a long time, however, where do we draw the line between expressing cultures respectfully, and cultural appropriation?. Within the music industry there have been countless examples … Continue reading Global Music – Cultural Appropriation