Digital Artefact ~ LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble)

Link to my redbubble account! At the beginning of the semester, I pitched the idea to create a digital artefact which involved myself creating a redbubble page whereby I could post regular photography and art content in order to receive audience feedback and perhaps monetise my creations. I developed this project as I have always … Continue reading Digital Artefact ~ LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble)

Module 3 – Making (LenelleRose Redbubble)

For the final module, making, i would like to show a progress update regarding content creation for my Digital artefact and it's development. Content creation and posting has been quite frequent (posting weekly content using different themes and mediums). This content has included more scanning art and digital imagery which i designed and created myself … Continue reading Module 3 – Making (LenelleRose Redbubble)

Project BETA – LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble) At the beginning of the semester i pitched my Digital artefact idea, LenelleRose designs. This project included a redbubble page whereby i would upload photography content on a regular basis, and advertise my products using other social media platforms e.g. Instagram and Facebook. After uploading a number of photography content posts, i found that … Continue reading Project BETA – LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble)

Global Music – Cultural Appropriation

Music is an expressive tool which artists utilise in order to convey certain beliefs, messages, stories and themes. Musicians have been known to express cultural themes within music for a long time, however, where do we draw the line between expressing cultures respectfully, and cultural appropriation?. Within the music industry there have been countless examples … Continue reading Global Music – Cultural Appropriation

Global change in preferences – Television

Throughout our lives we go through stages whereby our entertainment preferences can change due to cultural, technological changes or social influence. Growing up I was drawn to television and shows which were funny or had entertaining, educational storylines. Bright colours, funny faces, interactive material and other simple aspects of television shows and movies were my … Continue reading Global change in preferences – Television

Sui Generis – BCM115 Audio Visual Assessment Sui Generis, a Latin word meaning “of their own kind; unique” (Oxford Dictionary). This phrase encompasses both the audio and visual composition of this short film, as well as the subject herself. The piece is inspired by the visual compositions of Damon Baker and the audio compositions of the composer Hans Zimmer, as well … Continue reading Sui Generis – BCM115 Audio Visual Assessment