Module 3 – Making (LenelleRose Redbubble)

For the final module, making, i would like to show a progress update regarding content creation for my Digital artefact and it’s development. Content creation and posting has been quite frequent (posting weekly content using different themes and mediums). This content has included more scanning art and digital imagery which i designed and created myself through mediums such as photoshop.

In order to create these images i used an Epson perfection V39 scanning bed and post production photoshopping tools to create images that would be aesthetically appealing and interesting for my audience.

New featured content on the redbubble page (Scannography)

This artistic approach has received positive feedback from my audiences. To gain feedback i showed family and friends the images and asked whether they would be interested in purchasing the images. The majority responded that they would love to purchase the designs and that they were much more effective than previous posts on the redbubble page.

Over the course of the last few months since the beginning of the digital artefact, the redbubble page has obtained 21 posts, 4 different subtopics, 3 followers, and many comments/feedback. Although i have not received many followers, i do not associate this with success. In order to be successful, your content must be suited to your audience’s interests and must gain feedback in order to improve and ideate. I believe that my project has accomplished this.

my redbubble page, posts and subtopics

In the last module, i aimed to create an instagram account to promote the content on my redbubble page and give sneak peaks of upcoming content creation, however this idea did not follow through as i wanted to focus on getting out the weekly content. I wanted to keep a concentration on following the FIST principle and create fast, inexpensive, simple and tiny content. If i were to create an instagram page, i imagined that content creation would take much longer as i am creating content for two different platforms, therefore not being fast nor simple. By sticking to the redbubble page i feel that i can achieve more quality content on a regular basis.

All in all, the projects progress so far has been quite successful judging from feedback and peer reviews. I aim to continue posting regular content in order to gain more of an audience on the redbubble platform and perhaps diversify my content further. If you’d like to follow my progress click here!

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