Digital Artefact ~ LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble)

Link to my redbubble account!

At the beginning of the semester, I pitched the idea to create a digital artefact which involved myself creating a redbubble page whereby I could post regular photography and art content in order to receive audience feedback and perhaps monetise my creations. I developed this project as I have always had a passion for creating Art and Photography content, yet have never been able to find a platform to monetise them. This project could give me an idea of how to effectively sell my content in a practical fashion.

All of my redbubble content!

Throughout the project, I posted regular weekly content on the redbubble page. Initially this consisted of mainly photography that I had done, however as the project progressed and after receiving feedback from my audience, i decided it would be a good idea to diversify my content and begin including more digital art and other alternative forms of creation. This included scanography, and digital artworks. I iterated this content in order to appeal to a wider audience on the site, as well as to experiment with what types of content my audience preferred. As well as this, I also engaged with my audience through other platforms in order to gather information about specific preferences, aesthetics, and content. The feedback that I received was all positive, with some suggestions being made about the content I should take into consideration for the future.

A snapshot of some feedback I received.

My content that I posted on the redbubble platform aimed to follow the principle of FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny), and I believe that over the course of the development of the project I have achieved this. The content was fast to produce as I was already creating content outside of class, Inexpensive as I already owned all my own equipment to create the images and the website was free to use, as well as simple and tiny through basic uploading strategies and content creation methods. Due to this project successfully following this principle, I believe that it assisted me in sticking to weekly uploading, more consistent content production, and being inspired to keep creating each week. The consistent uploads also allowed me to acquire a lot of feedback from other Redbubble artists and users which I was then able to use to continue improving and iterating. And despite not gaining many followers or sales through the Redbubble site, the feedback was much more important in making this digital artefact a success. 

Some comments I received from other Redbubble Artists and users!

Overall, the experience of creating this Digital artefact has been full of learning, iterating, improving and creating content I was passionate about. I am excited to continue posting content on the page moving along into the future and perhaps make more sales and expand my content subject matter. To me, this project was a success in the sense that it enabled me to produce content which suited my audience, and helped me to gage what content is successful, and which is not. This information will assist me going into the future of the content creation industry.

Go follow the progress of my Redbubble account by clicking here!

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