Global Film – The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby directed by Baz Luhrmann was released in 2013 and was an instant success. The movie was based on the best selling novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and won many film awards such as an Academy award for best production design. The film sheds a light on universally recognised themes such as materialism, … Continue reading Global Film – The Great Gatsby

Lenelle Rose Designs – Digital Artefact

After many brainstorming activities for my Digital Artefact i decided on creating a Red bubble account where i am able to curate my photography and art and turn them into tangible products for other's to use and enjoy. I have always had a passion for creating photography images and art in my free time, and … Continue reading Lenelle Rose Designs – Digital Artefact

Global change in preferences – Television

Throughout our lives we go through stages whereby our entertainment preferences can change due to cultural, technological changes or social influence. Growing up I was drawn to television and shows which were funny or had entertaining, educational storylines. Bright colours, funny faces, interactive material and other simple aspects of television shows and movies were my … Continue reading Global change in preferences – Television

Sui Generis – BCM115 Audio Visual Assessment Sui Generis, a Latin word meaning “of their own kind; unique” (Oxford Dictionary). This phrase encompasses both the audio and visual composition of this short film, as well as the subject herself. The piece is inspired by the visual compositions of Damon Baker and the audio compositions of the composer Hans Zimmer, as well … Continue reading Sui Generis – BCM115 Audio Visual Assessment

Is someone watching?

We are all low key scared by being watched in our everyday lives, being under constant surveillance and having our every move tracked. The future could encompass just that, with surveillance technology improving and Australia getting on board with some of China's recent improvements in technology devices. In this blog post, i wanted to discuss … Continue reading Is someone watching?

Ethics regarding Deception: Clickbait (Ethical Explainer)

Deception, "the act of hiding the truth, especially to get an advantage". In today's day and age, we are greatly influenced by digital media which forms a large portion of the information we receive on a daily basis. Deception and Fakery within the media is a major issue which affects not only individuals perceptions of … Continue reading Ethics regarding Deception: Clickbait (Ethical Explainer)


Copyright can be described as intellectual property which protects original expressions of ideas and enables content creators to monitor the use of their work. In today's post i will be discussing copyright in music and some specific cases where copyright was identified. Everyone has heard the story of Queen and David Bowie VS Vanilla Ice … Continue reading COPYCAT!