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Within the initial ideation process of my Digital Artefact i brainstormed possible project outcomes, finalised my project idea, and began posting content on my Red bubble account which i used for my artefact. LenelleRose Designs is essentially a Redbubble account which i will use to post photography and art content created by myself. This content is then able to be made through the Redbubble Organisation into tangible objects such as homewares, stickers, device cases, etc. These objects are then able to be sold to Redbubble’s already acquired audience of artists, and art lovers, allowing content creators to make money from their products and get feedback from a large audience.

When thinking and exploring the possibilities for my project, and how i was going to create engaging content for an audience, i referred to Pam Moore’s (2019) ‘How to Curate content like a pro, and build your brand in 2019′. In this article she outlines important elements of content which can improve relevance, and success. These elements can include incorporating “interesting angles” and curating content with an “original perspective”. Keeping this in mind, i posted some initial ‘test’ posts on the redbubble page in order to hopefully gain some feedback from my audience. From this feedback i could iterate my content creation and expand the spectrum of content i was producing.

*I have removed the names of individuals who have commented for anonymity*

Throughout the development of this project i wish to not only follow the FIST principle of content creation, but also use this principle as the fundamental base of all my content i produce. The images are easy to capture and collate into collections (as i do this in my free time anyways), simple to edit with my current software (lightroom), free to produce and upload, and quick to produce large amounts of content. As shown above, i have already gathered encouraging feedback from others in the Redbubble community. According to Plattner, H. (2010) in order to

“Create meaningful innovations, you need to know your users and care about their lives”

Plattner, H. (2010) Pg. 2

Plattner also discusses in ‘An introduction to design thinking process guide’ how to observe. engage and listen to your audience in order to grasp how to improve content creation and make it meaningful. In order to make this applicable to my project, i have taken aboard current feedback and have made slight changes and improved diversity through my posts. This has thus far included not only posting nature images but also street art, and animal images. These categories will become more diverse as the project develops, however this is my progress so far through the ideation stages. I have observed that all feedback has been positive so these changes are based primarily on my own desires to delve into other equally meaningful subjects.

Through this project i aim to bring awareness and an awakening to the beauty that surrounds us in everyday life, in the simple aspects of everything we do and see. With more appreciation for the simple things come’s gratitude for the lives we live and everything we are surrounded by. As my project progresses into the ‘Prototype’ stages i am to refine my content creation into specific categories and post regularly each week (my aim being 3-4 posts per week). I also aim to work on a photography series piece which will incorporate one certain topic into a collage of images to post on Redbubble.

If you would like to stay up to date on my progress and development of my project, or even perhaps go and support my creations follow the link below! Thank you for all the support i have received so far xox

6 thoughts on “Ideating and Creating – LenelleRose Designs

  1. Alina Hager says:

    This is such a great idea, I think you’ve really nailed the FIST principles! Also, I love how thought out and detailed your mind-map is, it really clearly identifies the strengths of all your different ideas. Since you are already producing and sharing content on Redbubble, I would recommend sharing that same content and promting your Redbubble account on other social media platforms. That way you can increase your potential for an audience and it won’t take too much more time as you already have the content ready to go, you could even use a scheduling app like Later to save time. Also, if you’re planning on monetizing your photography and art I would suggest using a watermark to prevent people using your work for free. Can’t wait to see more from you! 🙂

    Later–> (

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  2. Ash's Blog says:

    I loved this post! You have a very distinct idea of what you wish to accomplish and how you are going about doing so! The screenshots you’ve included of your site look great, and helps give a very clear idea of what you are producing. It reminds me a lot of Pinterest, have you thought of including your stuff there? You have demonstrated a clear understanding of the subject and what it aims to teach and I’m really excited to see how your Digital Artefact develops! Great work!

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  3. sharonjepkurui says:

    your DA is so dope. I think appreciating nature is so good. you have included very catch pictures of nature and your screenshot on how you intend to do your project is so on point. I wish you all the best in your project girl. x

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  4. nataliejmblog says:

    This sounds really interesting and well-produced so far. The mind map you created really shows your dedication and professionalism when it comes to your project. It’s great to see you’ve used external material to help with the ideation process of you DA. A suggestion I would make is possibly to expand your project to Twitter. This way, you can use hashtags to attract potential customers of your designs. In relation to my own project, I have created an accompanying Twitter page for my main blog. I’ve found this has really helped me obtain more of following, and allowed me to connect more with my audience on more of a personal level. The pictures you’ve got on RedBubble look really great and I’m totally enjoying your whole project, so keep it up! Here is a great article that initially helped me with the ideation process: so give it a read and see if there’s anything that may further your project!


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