Sui Generis – BCM115 Audio Visual Assessment

Sui Generis, a Latin word meaning “of their own kind; unique” (Oxford Dictionary). This phrase encompasses both the audio and visual composition of this short film, as well as the subject herself. The piece is inspired by the visual compositions of Damon Baker and the audio compositions of the composer Hans Zimmer, as well as other audiovisual works by artists such as director Michael Chaves work with singer Billie Eilish, filmmaker and photographer David Lynch, and Helmut Newton’s portrait photography series. Sui Generis aims to capture the subject with hints of inspiration from Damon Bakers photographic portraits. I decided to take this approach as my original photo series ‘Tarnished Soul’ was also inspired by his works, and the inspiration allowed me to capture the subject in a natural, vulnerable fashion.  I therefore decided to merge the ideas of stationary images and moving image and create the film with a new perspective to achieve clear representation of the subjects emotion and views on rebellion. This mix of inspirations and original ideas assists in the accurate portrayal of both the subjects visual story, as well as expression of emotions through audio ie. the subject narrating the film.

The aim of this film was to accurately capture the thoughts and feelings of an individual who believes in non-conforming due to their innate darkness and rebel-like personality. In order to do this, central concepts were explored such as societal norms, desire, and how pressures to conform within society, especially external appearance, can weigh heavily on the soul, and result in people experiencing feelings of disengagement and isolation. The two sides to this are explored, posing the idea that by diverging from the expectations of others, individuals may feel empowered by their unique and rebellious standpoint. The use of audio and visual techniques such as natural/unnatural sound, vocals, ambience, atmosphere, contrast, depth of field, and unique perspectives (angled shots) allowed me to acquire the tonality and emotional responses i aimed to create.

Some minor challenges were encountered during the creation of the project including time restrictions and availability of individuals involved in the making of the film. With more resources and time, i believe the project may have improved in regard to fully achieving my vision of the project and the quality of the content produced. However, through experimentation, research and working collaboratively, the short film is complete, and i am very proud to share it with everyone.

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