Project BETA – LenelleRose Designs (Redbubble)

At the beginning of the semester i pitched my Digital artefact idea, LenelleRose designs. This project included a redbubble page whereby i would upload photography content on a regular basis, and advertise my products using other social media platforms e.g. Instagram and Facebook. After uploading a number of photography content posts, i found that i was receiving a lot of positive feedback from other Redbubble users and buyers.

This encouraged me to continue posting photography content regularly, however after looking at other successful Redbubble accounts i found that they had a lot more of a variety of content, so i decided to iterate my project accordingly. I decided to begin posting not only photography content, but also artistic content including photograms and scanning art.

This developed diversity of content allows my project to appeal to a wider audience of viewers of buyers, therefore enhancing it’s success. In the future i wish to further diversify my Redbubble content into the areas of painting, drawing, and other artistic mediums.

If you have any feedback of recommendations for the project feel free to comment down below and go follow my project here! Thankyou 🙂

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